Entry #1

Primero on Newgrounds![Super duper Late]

2013-09-11 09:42:52 by Primero

Hey, What's up, Newgrounds!
I'm honestly really late, and I can't figure out why I didn't make a newgrounds for my rap a long ass time ago. It will give me the motivation to actually make MUCH better music!

I have an account here some might be familar with
I made dubstep on it.

My main thing is rapping and producing though, So the things I upload here will probably be rap songs and beats that I produced.

I'm really mad I didn't think of this before. REALLY mad.

I make pretty good music, It's not that "n***a n***a in the club" shit. It's nice, chill, smooth, lyrical rap. That's sometime even funny now and then.

If you like the stuff I post you can find more of it @

and make sure to like my facebook page

I'm also always up to collaborate with other artists. Just message me if you're interested!


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