What's to Come!

2013-09-12 16:47:47 by Primero

Okay, So you guys know the song "Schwinn"
(if you don't here's the link: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/549548 )
Anyway I went ahead and made a music video for THAT with some old Street Fighter footage I found.

There's a different version of it with a sepia-Toned video but I don't really care which one you watch.

I'm planning on making these types of videos for all the songs I post to newgrounds. These are actual songs for an upcoming mixtape of mine called "Lemonade Stands" so there may be ACTUAL music videos, in which case you'll have to be subscribed to my youtube channel to check those out:

Also, I kinda want to start a thing that if you download a song of mine you could give my facebook page a like or my soundcloud a follow. :D That would be sweet.!

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I'll be releasing a LOT of new stuff that's REALLY good, I'm striving to become the best newgrounds rapper any of you have ever heard! All the time I will put into my songs to make them go above and beyond your expectations!

I will become the StanSB of Newgrounds Rap, it shouldn't be too hard since there aren't many of you that don't rap for games and stuff.

Anyway I'm out!


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