2013-09-27 02:03:51 by Primero

It's been a minute since I last posted...not that anyone really cares...

A lot of shit has been going on in these past few weeks a whole lot of stuff..

I'll keep it short for the people who don't like to do much reading, then go back and elaborate.

1. New Website, with music, videos, links to my other webpages all that fancy shit.
Still under construction.
2. Lemonade Stands Progress.!
3. Upcoming $lyJesus EP (Yep.)
4. Rise to fame has begun.

Alright and now for the elaboration part, because I'm really excited to share this shtuff.!
I spent all of two mornings working on a website using that wix thing, because I'll be employed again soon and I will be able to afford all the premium web hosting, artist EPK shit and stuff the internet makes you pay to really get your shit out there.
It will have it's own custom domain name as soon as I come upon the money to do so. Already in my plans. But for now, it's a free site. It's still cool, It's got a bunch of cool flash animations, and nice eye popping color, enough stuff to keep you entertained and informed. I will update it regularly
The URL is So go there and check out the stuff on it.!

I've been hard at work on Lemonade Stands, I haven't quit. I've finished about 10/25 of the songs and have the beats for most of the tracks. I'm waiting on 5 more beats, and I've written most of the songs. If I persevere and don't get distracted I'll be able to get this out without having to push it back...

This one is kind of a secret.... >.>

I've been booked to do a live performance at a birthday party in a city near mine; Copperas Cove, I will be performing and hosting the party all night, doing music and HYPING.

Hopefully some of it gets caught on camera and I can have footage to bring...

That's it I guess. :|

What's to Come!

2013-09-12 16:47:47 by Primero

Okay, So you guys know the song "Schwinn"
(if you don't here's the link: )
Anyway I went ahead and made a music video for THAT with some old Street Fighter footage I found.

There's a different version of it with a sepia-Toned video but I don't really care which one you watch.

I'm planning on making these types of videos for all the songs I post to newgrounds. These are actual songs for an upcoming mixtape of mine called "Lemonade Stands" so there may be ACTUAL music videos, in which case you'll have to be subscribed to my youtube channel to check those out:

Also, I kinda want to start a thing that if you download a song of mine you could give my facebook page a like or my soundcloud a follow. :D That would be sweet.!

Primero on Facebook
Follow Me on Soundcloud!

I'll be releasing a LOT of new stuff that's REALLY good, I'm striving to become the best newgrounds rapper any of you have ever heard! All the time I will put into my songs to make them go above and beyond your expectations!

I will become the StanSB of Newgrounds Rap, it shouldn't be too hard since there aren't many of you that don't rap for games and stuff.

Anyway I'm out!

Hey, What's up, Newgrounds!
I'm honestly really late, and I can't figure out why I didn't make a newgrounds for my rap a long ass time ago. It will give me the motivation to actually make MUCH better music!

I have an account here some might be familar with
I made dubstep on it.

My main thing is rapping and producing though, So the things I upload here will probably be rap songs and beats that I produced.

I'm really mad I didn't think of this before. REALLY mad.

I make pretty good music, It's not that "n***a n***a in the club" shit. It's nice, chill, smooth, lyrical rap. That's sometime even funny now and then.

If you like the stuff I post you can find more of it @

and make sure to like my facebook page

I'm also always up to collaborate with other artists. Just message me if you're interested!